You can download decking kit instructions here:

Decking Kit Instructions

Decking Kit With Balustrade Instructions

What size kit do you require, make sure you complete a measurement of the area you wish to place your decking.  You might wish to use pegs and strings to mark out the area.

All our timber is pressure treated which can go directly onto grass and/or stone area.

Consider using weed control membrane for underneath your timber if you are placing your decking onto a grassed area to stop any weeds and/or grass comes through.

The framework underneath any decking kit is important, at UKDeckit our joists are all 100mm x 47mm as a finished size timber, make sure you are happy with the joist sizes prior to purchase.

All our decking kits listed are for fitting onto a flat and level surface.  If you require a raised deck we can provide the posts that you would need to create the height of the decking frame, please give us a call to discuss your requirements or send an email we will be happy to help.

The spacing of the joists for the frame are from 400mm x 600mm depending on the size of the kit, if you require any more joists please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

The joists that are provided for our kits are all cut to size to reduce the amount of work involved when you are assembling your kit.

The materials within UKDeckit decking kits are all hand picked to ensure the best quality of each product is transported to our customers.

The deck board is Swedish Redwood and has a finished size of 120mm x 28mm, some kits are available with a lesser quality of deck board which is whitewood, make sure that you know what type of material your decking kit is manufactured from.  The deck board is machined at a saw mill and there is a tolerance on the length upto 20mm.

For each UKDeckit decking kit you will receive 8 deck boards per meter and an additional 4 deck boards at the size appropriate to your decking kit to face off the structure.

There is a choice of decking kits with or without balustrade, you can choose from decking kits with 2 sides of balustrade or 3 sides of balustrade.  The area covered is detailed within each kit description

There is a choice of finish on the balustrade which is either plain or turned.  There are images of the two types of balustrade on each kit description.

The newels are approximately 1200mm long and they are 82mm x 82mm and the spindles are 895mm long x 41mm x 41mm.  The maximum gap in between Newels is 2.4m and the gap between spindles is 100mm.

The universal hand rails are available in 3.6m, 3.0m, 2.4m, 2.1m and 1.8m long, we leave the rails as listed to provide the customer with the flexibility when placing the balustrade together.

We provide two handrails for the top and one for the bottom which provides a stronger balustrade and ensures that no fixings can be seen (please see the instructions).

All the fixings required for the kit is also included