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Our Products

We make building a deck or a children’s playhouse as easy as possible for you!

A deck is a wonderful idea for most home-owners. If you have a living room that is not big enough to meet your requirements or if you want to enjoy the outdoors while at home, then building a deck can be a great idea. It is not very difficult building one yourself if you have the right materials available at hand and that is exactly where we come in! We are one of the most trust-worthy companies for decking materials of a number of varieties. We also have several other things for your fencing and gardening requirements.

We are the decking specialists!

Doing something on your own requires patience and the right tools. That is why we at UK Deckit give you the tools that you need to build your deck on your own! Not only do we have high-quality materials in each of our kit, we also provide you with full instructions on how to get the project done even if you have absolutely no experience in this stuff. Our understanding of decks and how they are built to be strong and last for a long time is our USP and the reason why we are a highly preferred company in the country. We also have on offer many other products and having a look at our website will give you a good idea about them.

What we have on offer: A brief look

Decking: This is our specialty. We use only the highest-quality timber available and we source it all in environmentally-friendly ways so that our customers can make the most of their decking projects. Each of the Spindles we provide in is 41mm x 41mm ensuring that the strength of the product is never compromised with. We make it easy for you to build an extension to your living area with our high-quality which are truly value for money.

Fencing: We have in store wonderful fencing materials which make building a fence or a gate around your property easy. We include everything you are going to need to build a fence or a gate and provide easy-to-understand instructions. Building a fence or gate or repairing a part of an existing one is easy with us. All you need to do is measure the area you want to fence and choose a design from our collection. We will do the hard bit and send you over a kit that suits your exact requirements.

Fence panels: Our fence panels are what you need to give your garden or yard the look you want. So whether you are looking for European designs or more traditional ones, we can help you find something that suits your aesthetic senses. In fact, you can also ask us for a customised fence panel.

Garden sheds: Whether you want to surprise your child on her birthday or want to make her Christmas really special, a playhouse in your yard is perhaps one of the best things you can gift. Children love to have their corner of the world and our Children’s Playhouses are easy to build. We also have garden sheds and summer houses and not only do each of them come with full instructions, but they are also very easy to assemble. Now there is no reason not to put the yard or garden of your property to more use than it presently is!

More garden specials: We also have in store composters, planters and sleepers as well as garden arbours and arches.

Why choosing us is a great idea

  • Quality is something we never compromise with and that is why when you shop from us, you get high-quality products every time. Whether you are shopping for compost or need a full decking kit, you can always expect us to go the extra mile to provide you great-quality products.
  • We use only high-quality timber and that is the reason why our products are built to last long.
  • Each of our products comes with full specifications on our website. You can also call us if you want any specific information on the products you are interested in.
  • Customised solutions are easy to find with us because we can provide you with a kit that is specifically suited to meet your needs.
  • As an amateur DIY person, it can be difficult to determine the exact quantity of things you need for a decking or a garden project. It is possible that you have ended up buying more than you need, thereby wasting money. With us, you don’t have to worry about that aspect anymore. You only need to tell us the measurement of deck or fence you want to build and we will send you a kit that is exactly suited.
  • We have been working in this business for a number of years and our online venture is aimed at servicing more people in an easy manner.

Things we stand for

Our service: We stand by exemplary service. We have been a family-owned business for a long time and that translates to personalised service. We have brought the same service to our online patrons as well by providing them with a chance to order customised timber solutions for their decking and gardening needs. Our commitment to excellence is what separates us from the rest of our competitors.

Our quality: We source our timber responsibly. All our products contain at least 70% wood. We follow the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council and make sure that we source only from well-managed forests.

Guarantee: We provide guarantees on all the products we sell and most of our garden products including sheds and garden structures are guaranteed to last upto 15 years. This is something that is sure to provide you the peace of mind you need.

Our reputation: Reputation is definitely an indicator of a company’s track record. When you choose us, you can be sure that you choose a company which has not only been in the business for many years, but also one about which people say mostly good things! Yes! The local community knows us and trusts our family-owned business and with our online store, it is our endeavour to reach out to more people around the country.

If you are looking for high-quality decking kits or garden sheds, give us at UK Deckit a call at our phone number (01484) 646 510. You can also email us your query at enquiries@ukdeckit.co.uk. We service throughout the length and breadth of the country and shopping with us will get your orders delivered to your doorstep!